Showroom/Workstation presents Deregulation Dancefloors

  • Date: 28 Sep 2013
  • Time: 2pm & 4pm
  • Venue: Workstation, Paternoster Row
  • Ticket Price: £4 / £3 concession
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Workstation Creative Lounge will see the division of the Creative Lounge into a multi-dancefloor interactive experience. The audience will be guided through a number of different dancefloors and will experience dance music components in non-traditional ways.

Deregulation Dancefloors will give audiences unprecedented access to manipulate the fundamental inner-workings of a dance floor environment. One section will allow people to become the DJ themselves; whilst in another they will be able to control visuals to dictate the tempo and dynamics of the music. Another section will present a DJ set of uniquely commissioned tracks that will only ever be heard in that space, in that time. Culminating in a destruction of the format (dubplates) those tracks are contained on, leaving the music to only be a thing of memory.

Part of the Refract series of events presented by Showroom/Workstation.

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